Red Bear

After the death of my parents in my early twenties, I joined a Neo-Native American cult called Terra Mater. I married the leader of this tribe and became his fourteenth wife. Red Bear was the spirit name given to me during a ceremony held by Terra Matter’s founder and leader, John Twobirds.

Fifteen years later, I began writing my memoir when a little voice started persistently nagging, “Write this stuff down!” Eventually, I gave in, grabbing moments where I could in between the cooking, laundry and school run. I have now finished my memoir and am searching for a publisher so I can share my story with you.


The Book

Red Bear is the story about my search for belonging after the tragedy of losing both my parents to AIDS. The book documents how after battling with depression and being drawn into a cult, I was able to overcome my grief and regain balance, and meaning in my life. I hope that my story may encourage others who feel lost, alone or depressed, to carry on and fight to find their own path back to peace and happiness.